AgeJET Skin Resurfacing

At 457 Bayfront Aesthetics

At 457 Bayfront Aesthetics, we're thrilled to introduce AgeJET, an innovative solution designed to address various signs of aging effectively. AgeJET employs cutting-edge technology and methodology to target common age-related concerns, providing a comprehensive approach to rejuvenating your appearance.

What is AgeJET Skin Resurfacing?

AgeJET is an advanced non-ablative skin resurfacing technology utilizing nitrogen plasma. It's the ideal solution for individuals seeking a gentle yet highly effective anti-aging treatment with minimal downtime. This innovative therapy offers a quick and convenient procedure that rejuvenates your appearance. Specifically, the AgeJET Eye treatment is renowned for delivering exceptional results for sagging upper and lower eyelids without requiring ocular shields, ensuring a safe and efficient process

How Does AgeJET Skin Resurfacing Work?

AgeJET revolutionizes anti-aging therapy by offering minimal patient discomfort and downtime. Its integrated cooling system maximizes patient comfort throughout the procedure. With flexible setting controls, patients can tailor their treatment to achieve desired results while accommodating their lifestyle and preferred downtime. Notably, patients can swiftly resume their normal daily routines post-treatment, and low-energy treatments typically do not necessitate the use of anesthetics, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Benefits of AgeJET Skin Resurfacing

Gentle and Effective

AgeJET's nitrogen plasma technology provides a gentle yet highly effective anti-aging solution, ensuring a rejuvenated appearance with minimal discomfort.

Quick and Convenient

The treatment is quick, making it an excellent option for individuals with busy schedules seeking efficient results.

Specialized Eye Treatment

The AgeJET Eye treatment specifically targets sagging upper and lower eyelids, delivering industry-leading results without the need for ocular shields, ensuring both safety and effectiveness.

Maximized Patient Comfort

The integrated cooling system ensures maximum patient comfort throughout the procedure, contributing to a positive treatment experience.

Flexible and Minimal Downtime

Patients can customize their treatment settings to achieve desired results while accommodating their lifestyle, and they can typically resume daily activities shortly after the procedure due to minimal downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

AgeJET is versatile and can effectively treat various facial areas, focusing on skin rejuvenation and addressing signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, particularly around the eyes.

Yes, AgeJET is suitable for various skin types, including sensitive skin. The treatment’s gentle yet effective approach minimizes discomfort and risks for sensitive skin, ensuring a safe and tailored experience.

Patients can typically return to their normal daily routines shortly after an AgeJET session. The minimal downtime associated with this treatment allows for a swift return to regular activities without extended recovery periods.

For low-energy treatments, anesthesia is usually not necessary. AgeJET’s technology is designed to provide a comfortable experience without the need for anesthesia in most cases, contributing to a more convenient and hassle-free procedure.

The results of AgeJET treatments can vary based on individual factors and the specific concerns being addressed. However, many patients experience long-lasting improvements in skin texture, tightness, and overall appearance. Maintenance treatments may be recommended to sustain optimal results over time.

Why choose 457 bayfront aesthetics for OPUS COLIBRI?

Fast and Effective Treatments - Opus Colibri® treatments cause less inflammation than conventional skin laser services, so less recovery time is required afterward. Treatments for around the eyes can be finished in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Reliable and Satisfactory Results - We have observed noticeable improvements after just one treatment, with the best results coming after a full course (2 to 3 treatments). The benefits are long-lasting, and future effects of aging can be handled by follow up maintenance treatments.

Trained Medical Professionals - At 457 Bayfront, we have a team of highly trained professionals who are experts in administering Opus Colibri treatments. Our experienced providers are committed to giving you the best results possible.

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